“My patients have reported significant relief from acute, as well as chronic aches and pains. They report that the product is simple to apply, and the effects last several hours.”

-Nicholas Tepelidis, DPM

“I have never in all my years in practice seen a product that obtains such results.”

-William Scruggs, DC

“Therapain seems to have found the right comination for diverting the pain path to the brain…”
-Dr. Cynthia Lozier, MD


“This natural pain block makes for an excellent transitional tool for those who want to reduce chemical dependency, Benefical to anyone with temporary or chronic aches and pains. I recommend Therapain for minor sports-related injuries, such as bruises, inflammation, surface muscular pain, twisted, strained or even sprained ankles.”

-Reda Bendaoud, MD

“I give it an A+” -Karin Buck

I have tried numerous other sprays, but our patients find far superior results with your product.”

-Dr. Kevin Hooper BSC, DC, FCCS(C), RTP

“I literally gave up all hope of ever being able to live in comfort….
…until your product!”   -Marjorie Musselman


“I get almost immediate relief with just a few sprays of Therapain!”

-Dave Ristadel

“You have an excellent product. Don’t change the formula -it works!”

 -Ted Reed